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Welcome to Predz and Zedz. Here you will find a small range of selected Lures, Flies and equipment. Whilst Lure Fishing is a huge speciality we are concentrating on Softbaits, Hard Baits and Flies for Predators.

We stock products from Spro, Zman, Rapalla, and 13 Fishing amongst others.

Whilst using Flies may be our favourite we know that sometimes it is just not the best method and that is when we switch to specialist softbaits and lures to target Perch, Pike and Zander.

We mainly have Light Lure and what some have called Heavy Finesse Lure for targeting those bigger fish but we do have the odd larger lure.

Our gear is not aimed at chasing those big 20 pound plus Pike in snaggy water but more at those smaller specimens where fish can be confidently played before being released unharmed. With lures generally from 35mm to 175mm and from 1 to 40 gram with rods to match we have the Light and Heavy Finesse covered.

Whilst fishing with the Fly Rod may always come first for us, fishing with a Lure Rod is a close second and opens up a myriad of opportunities, many very local from rivers to canals to lakes.

Lure fishing is fast moving, requires little equipment and a quick hour or two session can be squeezed in at odd times. Give it a try and it could well open up a fascinating area for you to enjoy. So if you are a Fly Fisher and are looking at something else you should give this ago. You will already have much that is needed. If you are a dedicated lure angler we may have something different for you !

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