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Glass Fibre, Graphite or Bamboo. All materials have their place in the manufacture of a Fly Rod, it is just down to you !
At a time when rods have got faster and faster in action it is good to see that this phenomena is starting to change a little. As far as we are concerned the medium fast or medium fast/faster are enough. These rods can give you a “feedback” and deliver flies with both power, delicacy and accuracy for Dry Fly fishing. For Streamers however we do appreciate that a Faster Action rod may be beneficial.
So there it is. We generally like Fly Rods with these actions.
One of our favourites is “Glass” and that is why we offer specific rods and blanks in this material. Our association with Haldin means we can offer light 3 weight Dry Fly rods right up to 8 weights which can be used for Carp on the Fly or light Sea work. Not all will like the action of Glass and we also offer our own range of hand built graphite which combines power and finesse.
From Echo we have a number of quality graphite rods in various price ranges, lengths and weights to cover your needs. Please be aware we can organise nearly all rods supplied by Echo.
Remember just call 07836 554232 for advice and time scales.

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