3 Inch Zman Deizel Minnowz

3 Inch Zman Deizel Minnowz


Lifelike swimming action at all speeds and with an integrated dorsal fin hooks pocket for maximum heedlessness and easy hooksets. Great for Pike, Perch and Zander with a colour to suit most water conditions. Carry these and you will be well on your way.

Suggested on a 2/0 Jig or 2/0-3/0 Weedless.

6 per pack at approximately 5 g each.

*****Remember keep Zman plastics in their own bag and do not mix with other lures*****

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From Top. The Deal. Mood Ring. Opening Night.

3 Inch Deizel

Opening Night 3", Mood Ring 3", The Deal 3"

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