Hemingway’s Furled Leaders


Hemingway’s Furled Leaders


Hemingway’s Tapered Furled Leaders in premium nylon providing superb turnover of your fly. Available in various options for differing fishing types. Furled leaders are flexible and virtually memory free. They give a soft natural presentation whilst still being capable of turning over long tippets. Furled leaders provide a smooth transfer of energy through to your fly and help in giving a subtle presentation. Tippet can be replaced easily as required. Although not entirely necessary some will just treat every so often with Mucilin or a floatant.

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Grayling Leader 12ft 3-5 weight 6X, Small Stream 6.5ft 1-3 weight 6X, Pike Musky 7ft 9-12 weight 30lbs, Salmon 10ft 7-10 weight 0X, Trout Standard 8ft 3-6 weight 5X, Trout Special 8ft 4-7 weight 4X

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