Rapala BX Brat and BX Big Brat

Rapala BX Brat and BX Big Brat


The BX Brat features a heavy duty shell for extreme durability and an extra buoyant balsa inner core, for perfect shallow contact fishing. It has a hard rolling action with a traditional Rapala square lip for unique deflection.

5cm length at 10g weight and running 0.9m depth. 2 x No 6 Trebles.

The Big Brat is a bully. It has all the features of it’s smaller brother and is one tough cookie. Deeper diving lure.

7cm length at 21g weight and running 2.4m depth. 2 x No 3 Trebles.

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Rapala Big Brat

5cm Rock Solid BX Brat, 7cm Rock Solid BX Big Brat, 7cm Carbon BX Big Brat


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