Ikiru Jerkbait

Ikiru Jerkbait


The famous Ikiru Jerk is available here in 3 sizes. The very slow sinking action of the lures allow them to almost “freeze” when the reel is stopped, leaving you in full control of the lures action. A balanced, accurate and long casting lure.

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Ikiru Micro Jerk at 2.8g, 5cm length and down to 1.5 metres. Floating.

Ikiru Silent Jerk at 6.5g, 6.8cm length and down to 1 metres.

Ikiru Silent Jerk at 15g, 9.5cm length and down to 1 metres.

Ikiru Jerk

Micro Jerk 50F Gudgeon, Silent Jerk 6.8cm Gudgeon, Silent Jerk 9.5cm Gudgeon


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