Hard Head Zonker Muddler

Hard Head Zonker Muddler


An impressive fly for Streamer fishing in all locations. The “hard head” helps to sink the fly and the zonker strip adds a superb level of movement. We have these in a standard muted colour with a touch of green showing through the Deer Hair, an option with Pink Head and Black Zonker or a Chartreuse Head and Black Zonker. This can be fished at a variety of depths and with colour options to compliment the light. This is one of our favourite streamer patterns. Best used with a sinking streamer line or OPST Commando Head system. Barbless Fly.

Tied specifically for us in Europe.

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Hard Head Size 8, Hard Head Size 6, Hard Head Pink Size 6, Hard Head Pink Size 4, Hard Head Chartreuse Size 4


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