Flash Pike Flies

Flash Pike Flies


In two hook sizes on Ahrex 378  with Tungsten beads on the hook bend to create a muted rattle for extra attraction and additional weight.

Hook 2/0 are about 5.5 inches long and 3.5g(5g wet) whilst Hook 4/0 are around 6.5 inches long and 7g(10g wet) in weight.

They have been specifically designed for use in conjunction with a Lure rod set up providing a light but large profile lure.



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As a help to casting and fishing flies on a Lure rod we have found that simply  affixing a tungsten “cheb” directly to the eye of the fly at the end of your trace leader can be a help.


Flash Pike

Red Head-Silver 2/0, Red Head-Green 2/0, Black Head-Green 2/0, Black Head-Silver 2/0, Red Head-Silver 4/0, Red Head-Green 4/0, Black Head-Green 4/0, Black Head-Silver 4/0


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