Flash Fly 2/0

Flash Fly 2/0


Slightly smaller version of our standard Pike Lure Fly and more in line for searching for those big “stripeys” as well as Pike action. Tied on Ahrex 378 Predator hook with the addition of tungsten beads for weight and rattle. For additional weight add a “cheb” or Fastach.

Hook is 2/0 Ahrex 378 and fly length varies around 3.5 to 5 inches length. Weights are approximate 3 to 5g. Add around 2 to 4g when wet.

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From Top. Gold Head. Purple Head. Blue Head. Copper and Orange. Yellow Peril.

Flash Fly 2/0

Gold Head/Pearl Body 2/0, Purple Head/Pearl Body 2/0, Blue Head/Pearl Body 2/0, Copper and Orange 2/0, Yellow Peril 2/0


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