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Excalibur Dry Fly Rods


Our small range of Hand Built Middle to Tip Fly Rods in graphite are a perfect addition to the quiver of those that stalk Trout and Grayling on small to medium rivers. They excel at short to medium length casting where finesse is the key. Matched to a Trout Boss line and with a Furled Leader they come alive. The 7 foot 9 inch 3 and 4 weights both feature a lustrous green blank whilst the 5 weight is in matt black. All models feature a stacked bamboo reel seat, a snub nose wells grip, single leg guides and a simple variegated wrap. These may be in stock or if not will be made to order. Please check with us if not available.

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Our small range of Hand Built Middle to Tip action Fly rods in graphite are a perfect addition to the quiver of those that stalk Trout or Grayling on small to medium sized rivers. Easy to cast they excel at mid to short range where finesse is the key and are extremely accurate. The reality is that you do not need a fast rod but you do need the fly to land lightly ! If you are fishing between 20 and 50 feet these are for you. Unashamedly accurate rods with the ability to cast a longer line if needed.

The 3 weight is the smallest of our rods but will still cast a line with authority when required. It makes a lovely small stream rod for those targeting fish in cramped conditions but also has the power to cast in more open environments when needed.

Ostensibly the same rod as our 3 weight the 4 weight version has just a little more power and can easily handle a small Mayfly imitation. A lovely rod with a little more oomph ! A very adaptable addition.

Pretty much a good all round rod which at 8 foot 6 inches is very accurate and at one time would have been considered the perfectly specified rod for dry fly fishing. Works beautifully for Dry, Nymph or even Duo style.

Our 4 and 5 weights are just as at home casting small midge flies as they are on throwing Mayflies when the hatch is on whilst our 3 weight is a strong performer for the light line angler.

Match these to our Trout Boss line and a furled Leader for great results.



7'9" 3 weight, 7'9" 4 weight, 8'6" 5 weight

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