A medium/fast action dry fly rod optimised to present dry flies and small nymphs in that critical 30 to 50 foot zone. Has accuracy and balance and will protect light tippets on a standard weight fly line. A lovely dry fly rod at a realistic price point. Supplied complete with Furled Leader and Treatment

  • Four piece travel design
  • Action: Medium Fast
  • Tube:  Fabric-covered rod & reel case
  • Guides: Stainless w/ low-friction ceramic stripper
  • Grips:  Features two grip styles
  • Reel Seat:  Carbon fiber reel seat
  • Warranty:  Echo Lifetime Warranty
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Modern rods are often designed for maximum distance & punching big flies in to the wind. Those rods certainly have their place, but small-stream anglers have a different set of needs. The ECHO Dry series is designed to present dry flies and small nymphs to stream-dwelling fish.

Fly lines have had to keep up with the “faster/more powerful is better” trend as well. Standard weight fly lines will pair perfectly with the DRY series for presenting your flies to those fish that are right at your feet, but still have everything necessary to pick up and snipe that one that just sipped the surface on the other bank.

We’ve named it the “DRY” to highlight its strongest points, but don’t let that limit you. If the conditions change and it’s time to present under an indicator, the DRY will get the job done and then some. It truly is the perfect tool for effectively fishing your favorite creeks and rivers.

What Hatchmag have to say

“Overall the Echo Dry is an extremely castable rod- with softness and finesse required for delicate dry fly fishing- that is well worth the price of admission.”(extract).

Rod Lenght and Weight

2 weight 9', 3 weight 9', 4 weight 9', 5 weight 9'


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