BX Minnow and BX Swimmer

BX Minnow and BX Swimmer


Rapalla BX  Minnow and Swimmer casting lures provides an alternate body shape to your crank bait arsenal of lures and should never be overlooked. A lure that regularly performs in all types of water. Various colours and sizes available.

Excellent for Perch, Pike and Zander.

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BX MINNOW. With patent pending construction combining a balsa core with a durable co-polymer outer body the BX Minnow features a super responsive action that comes alive with the slowest of retrieves and most delicate twitches. Yet it can handle fast, aggressive retrieves and take a beating from toothy, strong predators. Precision weighted for perfect balance and long casting. Available in two lengths. 7cm length at 7g weight and running 0.6 to 1.2m depth. 10cm length at 12g weight and running 0.9 to 1.5m depth.

BX SWIMMER. The flat sided BX Swimmer features an articulated body with a double pivot joint which in combination with the solid balsa core creates a rolling, moderate swimbait action that starts on a very low retrieve. The durable co polymer hard shell protects the delicate balsa and allows highly detailed life like finish. The BX Swimmer is weighted to be slow sinking and balanced for long casts. 12cm length at 22g weight and running 1.2 to 1.8m depth.




7cm Hot Head BX Minnow, 7cm Rainbow BX Minnow, 7cm Redfin Perch BX Minnow, 10cm Hot Head BX Minnow, 10cm Rainbow Minnow, 10cm Redfin Perch BX Minnow, 12cm Redfin Perch BX Swimmer, 12cm Rainbow Trout BX Minnow, 12cm Silver BX Swimmer


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